CNS Y-12 Community Investment Fund

A Corporate Donor Advised Fund of East Tennessee Foundation

General Description

Creates opportunities for its employees to award grants benefiting nonprofit organizations in their 20-county service area in East Tennessee

Application Process

Information and dates about the 2023 grant cycle have not yet been determined.

Grant Amounts and Terms

Grants were awarded in October 2022 for one-year terms and ranged from $2,500 – $10,000. Funded organizations addressed one or more of the following funding priorities for the 2022 grant cycle:

  • Support and Development for Early Childhood Education, At-Risk Youth, and Young Adults:
    • Grant proposals should specify how programs support educational and developmental opportunities for children (newborn through 12) and/or at-risk youth and young adults aged 13-24. We are many years from fully understanding the impacts of the pandemic on child development and the mental health of children and young adults. Therefore, programs in this focus area should particularly target suicide prevention, prevention of domestic abuse, and prevention of homelessness, as well as food insecurity, employment skill-building, etc.
  • Support for Teachers:
    • Grant proposals must indicate how their programs directly impact the front-line professionals interacting with children in the classroom to promote and enhance students’ mental and social growth and development. Programs should specify how teachers from pre-school through high school will benefit from individual training, professional development, and low-cost resources/classroom supplies. Please Note: East Tennessee Foundation is restricted by law and therefore unable to provide grants directly to individuals. Applicants must be schools, school boards, nonprofit organizations, or other tax-exempt entities which work directly with educators.
  • Support for Immigrants to East Tennessee:
    • Grant proposals should demonstrate how their programs provide direct assistance, such as food, shelter, language training, and/or job-skill development to immigrants or refugees who have recently relocated to the East Tennessee community. For this focus area, preference will be given to programs supporting Afghan and/or Ukrainian individuals and families.

Who May Apply


Please note the following exceptions:

  • Because CNS Y-12 Community Investment Fund is a donor advised fund, applicant organizations are not required to provide their most recent financial statements and/or audit and/or IRS Form 990; current year operating budget; or list of current board of directors.

Additional Information

Please direct your questions to:
Ashley Siferd Butler, Director of Competitive Grants, or
Rachel Cosby, Program Officer
East Tennessee Foundation
520 W. Summit Hill Drive, Suite 1101
Knoxville, TN 37902
(865) 524-1223 or toll-free (877) 524-1223