Supports the production, preservation, and rehabilitation of owner-occupied housing for low-income households, and programs to enhance rental opportunities for very low-income households within the City of Knoxville

Serves as a source of funds to support excellence in the arts, expand access to the arts, and connect artists with each other and with East Tennessee communities

A resource to achieve community goals and improve the quality of life of the residents of Blount County

Benefits the interest area of youth education (with a primary focus on Boy Scouts and Junior Achievement)

Established by the Barger and Harrill families in memory of their daughters, to raise awareness of and funds for childhood cancers

Established in 1999 by a group of Campbell County residents committed to strengthening communities and improving the quality of life in Campbell County

Creates opportunities for its employees to award grants benefiting nonprofit organizations in their 20-county service area in East Tennessee

Supports and provides medically-related transportation and traveling clinical services for under-served rural residents of Greene County, TN

Support charitable and economic programs aimed at fostering regional economic development

Creates opportunities for others to give and join in supporting the well-being of Carter County and its citizens

Supports opportunities to advance and improve the quality of life of the residents of Greene County

Support animal care organizations with their spaying and neutering programs.

Support programs that nurture hope and equality in our culture

A field-of-interest fund to improve healthcare and well-being for Jefferson County residents

Benefit the economic, social, cultural, and educational well-being of Monroe County residents and their communities

Supports programs and projects that build community goodwill, seek to solve community challenges, and produce results that improve the quality of life for all citizens of Johnson County

Provides grants to research projects that support, or have the potential to support or contribute to finding a cure for Parkinson’s Disease

Awards grants that enrich lives and strengthen the Greater Kingsport Community forever

Provides gifts for children in Tennessee during the holiday season in honor and memory of Laura J. Kress, founder of the Angel Tree

A cooperative effort of the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce and the East Tennessee Foundation to support and encourage excellence in public education

Supports literacy projects in East Tennessee

Support opportunities to advance and improve the quality of life of the residents of Loudon County

Benefits young people in Johnson County to provide travel and leadership opportunities to expand their abilities to become active, visionary leaders

Supports opportunities to advance and improve the quality of life of the residents of McMinn County

Provides for the welfare of women and children in Knox County

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Provides prompt and effective services to communities in need after experiencing the effects of disasters

Supports projects that will benefit the residents of Norris, Andersonville, Bethel, and Fairview in Anderson County

Awards grants to nonprofit organizations that advance research for treatment and a cure, provide care and support for patients and caregivers, and educate the public about Alzheimer’s disease

Used for purposes directly related to the diagnosis, research, treatment, education, prevention, and cure of respiratory disease in Knox County, TN

Enriches the lives of residents and the greater Tellico community by evaluating and addressing community issues, connecting generosity to programs and projects, and nurturing a culture of charitable giving

A resource to achieve community goals, support opportunities, and improve the quality of life of the residents of Union County

Provides support for innovative programs that will benefit Washington County and its people

Fosters the natural beauty of Knox County and conserves certain areas of land in a natural state

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Supports creative solutions to problems that place our region’s youth at risk